Youth Groups

One of the key distinctives that we felt God give us right from the start of WCC was that God spoke to us about investing in our youth, that they are the church of today, not just tomorrow, and to look for ways to draw them into the action and to invest in them.  As a result we have done different things at different times.  Currently part of what we are doing as a church is to have different aged youth groups.  They are as follows:

Build (8-11 yrs old boys group)

This group is led by Phil And Hilary Clarke and meets on Sunday afternoons every other week.  Contact Phil and Hil for more details, on 250 364 0124, or email

Girls Group (9-11 yrs old) 

This group is led by Henny Lee and Lara Culp and meets on Saturday evenings every other week.  Please talk to Henny or Lara or contact the church office for details on 250 368 3445.

Follow (13-18 yrs discipleship group)

This group is led by Kent and Angela Goertzen with a group of willing leaders!!  This group meets on Friday every other week.  Please contact Angela for details, or email