Who is this Jesus, that we celebrate?

Come and join us this Sunday for the last part in the Christmas series, discovering who this Jesus is that we remember and celebrate.  Looking at the words and claims that Jesus made about himself, reveals to us who this little baby is that we worship... What a wonder this season is, remembering God who became man and entered our world and our history to open up the way for us to know him.  He is "Emmanuel" - which means "God with us", and that is truly what has happened.

Teaching our kids to pray

Jesus taught his disciples how to pray.  Yes, he taught them the Lord’s Prayer, which we are so grateful for, but more than anything, he taught them by example, they saw him pray!  They saw him slip away, they were at times invited to come along, they watched, they saw, they heard, they knew the dependence he had on it and the value he placed on it.


This week is our week of prayer as a church together and it has been amazing to see the kids participating too, coming along, drawing pictures, writing prayers, and praying alongside us.  Yes, maybe there is some craziness too, and it is not all a sacred, quiet, set-apart moment, there might be toys flying around, and arguing, and fighting and mess, and yet… it is wonderful!


The other day, two of my kids came along with me to the prayer room, we prayed together briefly at the beginning and then they went to the table to draw pictures while I was walking around.  After a while, I knelt down before the cross to pray, and within a minute or two, both of them had come and knelt beside me and were praying too.  I was amazed, and it was a beautiful moment and I thought, “Wow, what we are doing as a church with this prayer week is having such an effect on our kids”.  It really is, big time!  As they see us praying, singing, showing our dependence on God, they too are led into this life with God.  They too are coming before him, they too are experiencing God.  And they are realizing that this is their prayer room too.  Of course it is not just about the prayer week, or the prayer room, but about a life of learning to lean on God, and they are learning.


So, I just wanted to encourage us all – to bring our kids along and let them see us loving God and coming to him, let them see our example of prayer, however small it may be, I believe it will have a huge impact.